CSS is a mess

And it will keep getting messier. Let's make it sustainable.


Check out the latest developments!

Multiple Minutes

How time is an important requirement for gaming.

Garalde love

Some of my favourite type ever, from Blade Runner opening titles.

Smart circles

How to construct a three set venn diagram in photoshop. Two ways actually.

Absolute polish

An abstract story on design philosophy


Sharing my christmas gift as a psd & png download.

Naming elements

It's lovely that we have radio buttons instead of something like "mutually exclusive selection set".

You, me or nobody?

Pronouns in app copywriting

A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down(wind)

Education, games and learning

CSS Vocabulary

Here’s a little tool to help learn css.

Foolproofing appliances

Untangling wires by applying a bit of color.

The Function of Zombies

A rant on why I dislike zombies, but grudgingly understand their existence.

A splash of zoom

I cooked up a little app launch animation for an imaginary mobile operating system.

Set violence rating to special

Thoughts on the presentation of violence in games

The illusions we must accept

A discussion of the built-in illusions present in gaming.

Aikido 101 for game designers

Loading windows and other incidental downtime as a design tool.

Ennui in a world of overabundance

Why would you ever finish a game, if you can try a new one every day?

Board game design challenge '14, part 1

An account of preliminary designwork for a board game challenge.

Impermanence of tech

It's not what you say, it's how you say it

Thoughts on storytelling with card games as the medium.

Nostalgia and happy returns

A geneological look at Spelunky and thoughts on originality.

It's a first time for lots of things

Project post: Dungeoncrawling and old-school RPGs.

High hopes, varied expectations

First post! Thoughts on how expectations affect reactions.

How would an alchemist tame a stegosaurus?

Minigames as the backbone of the point-'n'-click experience.

Minimum browser window sizes

Research exercise

Sad giraffe

Freebie vector psd

Observant giraffe

Freebie vector psd

Old giraffe

Freebie vector psd

Oval giraffe

Freebie vector psd

Migrating from Tumblr to Kirby

How to get your Tumblr posts to plain text files

Wicked nav effect

Mystery meat navigation that may actually improve UX

Kinetic cursor

Make your cursor behave with the same inertia as flick scrolling.

Mr. T

Freebie vector psd