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Multiple Minutes

How time is an important requirement for gaming.

A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down(wind)

Education, games and learning

The Function of Zombies

A rant on why I dislike zombies, but grudgingly understand their existence.

Set violence rating to special

Thoughts on the presentation of violence in games

The illusions we must accept

A discussion of the built-in illusions present in gaming.

Aikido 101 for game designers

Loading windows and other incidental downtime as a design tool.

Ennui in a world of overabundance

Why would you ever finish a game, if you can try a new one every day?

Board game design challenge '14, part 1

An account of preliminary designwork for a board game challenge.

It's not what you say, it's how you say it

Thoughts on storytelling with card games as the medium.

Nostalgia and happy returns

A geneological look at Spelunky and thoughts on originality.

It's a first time for lots of things

Project post: Dungeoncrawling and old-school RPGs.

High hopes, varied expectations

First post! Thoughts on how expectations affect reactions.

How would an alchemist tame a stegosaurus?

Minigames as the backbone of the point-'n'-click experience.