It's been a quite a while since I've had any brain bandwidth to spend on this blog, which is sad. This lack of intra-cranial resources is mostly due to the fact that I've been employed at Namida Games as a game designer since February 2015, which is awesome!

All in all, my last year has been extremely productive and busy on other fronts, hence the blog content has been left by the wayside for the while. I shall however strive to write up something here every so often.

Recently, in addition to working on building an MtG-deck for every Commander colour combo, I've been mostly poking at my ever-expanding game libraries on both and Steam. I've made a conscious effort to limit my digital purchases, oddly not because of any sort of a monetary consideration, but rather because I've already accumulated so many games that finishing them off would take all of my free time for any sort of a foreseeable future (and possibly beyond). I'm sure this happens to other gamers as well.

This digital gluttony seems like a sign of the times. There are simply so many games to choose from, how is anyone supposed to find the pearls from among the dross? The shop services themselves don't help, nor do the developers: both of these interested parties are primarily motivated by selling their products, understandably. Similarly, there's only a handful of friends and medias I trust to have even a slightly similar taste to my own, so finding recommendations that way is challenging. And as time goes by, more and more stuff is added to the pile. How is a man to cope with this abundance?

So! I decided to be my own judge: what follows is the top five list of games I've played in the last year-ish (and can actually remember). The list is mainly for myself, so that I can return to these quality products later, but you may benefit from it at your own discretion. I even popped some links in for your pleasure!

1. Desktop Dungeons: A resounding top result, hands down. I even had to complain about some login issue or other to the devs, and they responded within 12 hours or something. Top notch. Link here.

2. Halfway: A turn-based sci-fi roleplaying game. I found it to be a bit on the short side, but what's there was good to me. And again, had to contact the developer because of a save game issue, and the problem was promptly fixed within a day. You can find it there.

3. Mark of the Ninja: I seem to enjoy most of what Klei Entertainment releases. I liked Don't Starve too. I'm a sucker for both sneaking games and 2D-platforming. Also, what's not to like about ninjas? They can be found over yonder.

4. Fairway Solitaire Blast: A surprise contender out from left field, a solitaire game for my fancy-smanshy smart phone. Leave it to a Luddite to use top-notch technologies to play a solo card game. For more info, have a gander at that.

5. Steamworld Dig AND Stick It to The Man!: Yeah, I made a top five list and promptly stuck six items in. Rules are made to be broken. Anyhow, I loved both of these games, largely because of the same reasons: colourful, 2D and fun. Steamworld Dig exists in that nook, and Stick It to The Man! can be spotted in that cranny.

So that's a list. No deep, resounding analysis this time. Just a friendly reminder to go and check the Namida Games' Facebook page, while you're at it like our project Spiralways on there as well. I'll most likely chat more about Spiralways at a later date, but rather than mangle it here I'll leave that for an article of its own.

PS. The official Namida Games website is of course, should you require it for some purpose. I'll post the game's landing page in a later article, once we get all the nuts and bolts together on that front.

PPS. I also recently created a Twitter account, go follow @pahamaki if that's a thing you frequent and enjoy.