You have a square. You need a circle.

Foolproof by design

You slowly chip away at the square to make your circle. Round, no straight edges at all. Minimalist perfection. Absolute polish.

Just as you're about to be done with the circle, you realize you need three corners instead. A different kind of perfection. The minimum number of angles and edges, but the edges absolutely must be there.

Foolproof by design

You have your circle, it's great, almost perfect. It's painful to let it go, but you muster the energy to start working on the triangle. This should be easy! Just three cuts and done.

But no. The base now needs to be as wide as the base of the initial square. So after the cuts, the shape is bastardly or just too small.

Foolproof by design

Time to start over.

This is design. It's working your way to a solution and finding out you need something else. It's failing constantly. It's letting go and starting over. It's learning every day. By the time you're done, the target has moved.