Some of my favourite type. From the opening titles of Blade runner. Set in Goudy Old Style Bold.

Way back, when I was first learning about typography, I was obsessed at finding out what typeface the Blade Runner opening titles were set in. I just loved the titles, letting them scroll over again and again. At the time, I couldn't find much on the internet, so I set up a document with the same text and searched and tried a lot of fonts. I settled on Goudy Old Style Bold, and yes, that seems to be the consensus nowadays. The upper text is my version, the lower one is a screenshot from the titles.

Now, revisiting this old file that ignited my love for type even further, I realize how I've always had a special fondness for Garalde typefaces. Goudy gives me endless fascination and Garamond an insanely beautiful typeface that I've always loved. It's worth digging through your backups once in a while.